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Vaal River Wedding Venue of Choice

Plan Your Wedding at Heavenly Events Venue

Heavenly Events Venue next door to Heaven on Vaal is a beautiful Vaal River Wedding Venue that is able to cater for up to 150 guests.

The venue has an indoor chapel that can accommodate 150 guests and an outdoor chapel that can accommodate 150 guests. The indoor chapel has an internal staircase that links it to the wedding venue so any bad weather will not put a damper on your special day.

Heavenly Events Venue has magnificent backdrops for your wedding photos. Both of the river, bush, gardens and beach type sand on our island.
A waterfall cascades out of the rocks that form the backdrop to the main table.

The Wedding Venue includes the existing draping of the Venue with fairy lights that shine through the draping. Round Tables, Plastic Chairs, white table cloths, and white chair covers in the venue.

We do not allow self catering

Vaal River Wedding Venue and Chapel Hire: R12 500 plus our Menu Cost (Check if we are running any Specials for your Special Day Chosen).

The venue is spacious with toilets, cash bar, a raised platform for the main table and a dance floor, which is all in the reception area for easy access and your guests are comfortable and are a part of everything.

There is a bridal suite available next door at Heaven on Vaal. Please contact Lynne for price enquiries. There is enough accommodation in the resort Vaal Oewer to accommodate approximately 100 guests sharing.

We have a buffet menu with options that you can select from.
We pride ourselves in being flexible with variations that you might want to make to our menu.

A full private Cash Bar is available in the venue. We do not have Card facilities. You will need to advise us of how you would like the Bar managed, and whether you require any special beverages.


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